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November 11, 2011
by anna moschovakis

Welcome to Catskills Time, bringing time banking to Delaware County and the surrounding region beginning in the auspicious month of December, 2011.

Contemporary time banking is a 25-year old, internationally embraced community labor-exchange system based on a few core values:

— Everyone is an asset
— Some work is beyond a monetary price
— Social networks are necessary
— Reciprocal helping builds respect in communities

Time banking differs from the ancient practice of barter, though it shares a similar spirit (see this elegant concise history of the concept). As a Catskills Time member, you can offer and receive services of any sort—from marketing consultations for a start-up business to help harvesting your garden, from cello lessons to proofreading. You “bank” the hours you earn, which you can then “spend” on services offered by other members. The more members there are, the more varied the services will be.

The fundamental principle of time banking is that one hour of work equals one hour of work, so no matter how the marketplace might value different skills, in the Time Bank, everyone’s time is valued equally.

To learn more, explore this site; to join, send an email to and an administrator will get back to you quickly. We have monthly potlucks where new members can meet current members and officially join the time bank; the next potluck is on January 15 (see EVENTS to your right). Welcome!