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Exchanges within Catskills Time can include nearly any skill or trade: computer or office assistance, home repair, painting, cooking, running errands, yoga classes, massage, tutoring, yard services, moving help, haircutting, housecleaning, language translating, ditch-digging, harvesting, etc.—any service that one would generally pay or barter for.

When a Catskills Time member offers a trade or skill to another member, the individual providing the service earns Catskill Hours, the unit of credit exchanged within the Catskills Time bank. Regardless of the service provided, each member’s hour of service is seen as being of equal value.

There is no physical trading of Catskill Hours; member’s accounts are tracked on a members-only website which can be accessed from this site. Members can develop a profile, list their services, review the requests and offers of other members, and record exchanges. As with traditional online banking software, the program allows members to observe activity on their account and keep track of their balanceCatskill Hours can be saved indefinitely or spent on any service that another member of the Catskills Time community has to offer.